What is your minimum delivery?
150 gallons is our minimum delivery. However, if you order 175 gallons or more, you’ll receive a better price with a savings of 4 cents per gallon. Under some circumstances we will deliver 100 gallons for an additional fee.

What are your fuel delivery options?
We have a variety of options to serve your needs. Please visit our Fuel Delivery page for more information.

How do I know how much oil is in my tank?
Almost all tanks have a gauge that will help you determine your remaining fuel. Typically it is mounted directly on top of the tank. It is a common occurrence in older tanks for the gauge to stop functioning. If it has stopped working or is no longer accurate, call your service company and ask for a new gauge. This is a quick repair that is usually inexpensive.

How much oil should I order?
Most tanks are 275-gallons, and have an approximate fuel capacity of 220-250 gallons. In general, its best to fill your tank to avoid running out.

How much oil will I use in a year?
This depends on the size and energy-efficiency of your home, the oil burner, thermostat settings, the weather conditions during the heating months, and whether or not oil is used to heat your water.  

How soon can you make a delivery?
1-2 business days, depending on your location.

How do I ensure that automatic delivery remains on schedule?
Your fuel bills must be paid within our credit terms to maintain your automatic delivery status.

What should I do if I run out of oil?
Call our office to schedule a delivery. If you need to get the burner started before we are able to deliver, you can put 5-10 gallons of diesel fuel or kerosene into the tank. If your burner does not start when you hit the reset button, contact us for the number of a reputable service company. 

Can I put diesel fuel in my tank if I run out of oil?

Do you sell dyed kerosene? 
Our trucks deliver (a minimum of 150 gallons) dyed kerosene to your home or business, but we do not have a pump to fill 5-gallon containers at our location.

What do I check if I find my house does not have heat?
1. Check to make sure your circuit breakers and fuses are in working order.

2. Check the gauge on your tank. It is important to know that knocking on the tank is an inaccurate method of checking the fuel level. It will sound the same whether it’s full or empty.

3. If you have an emergency switch, check to make sure it is in the "ON" position.

4. Press the reset button ONE TIME.

5. If your gauge is showing that its empty, or you were unable to restart your furnace, call us to see the status of your next delivery.

Do you provide burner service?
Carl Wingard Inc. does not provide burner service. However, there are reputable service companies in the area that we are happy to recommend to you.

Does my heating equipment need regular maintenance?
Yes, it is recommended to have your furnace cleaned every two years to keep it at peak operating efficiency. We are happy to recommend trusted companies for these services. 

How do I schedule a delivery?
Call our office at 610-286-5300. Its best to call when your gauge is at ¼.